Отдел електроника

Repair and programming of electronics

  • Computers and electronics for cars, vans, buses, trucks, agricultural and construction technology, maritime transport
  • Computers for automatic transmission
  • Computers for engines
  • Navigation systems
  • Modules for air suspension
  • Ignition modules
  • ESP / ABS a. o. electr. modules
  • Other specialized electronics


  • Maintenance
  • Repair of turbochargers
  • Repair of electrical actuators
  • Sale of new turbochargers
  • Sale of remanufactured turbochargers
Отдел амтоматични скоростни кутии

Automatic transmissions

  • Diagnostics of automatic transmissions
  • Transmission fluid change by special equipment
  • Repair of all units of the automatic transmission by qualified technicians using special equipment and original parts
  • Diagnostics, repair and encoding of electronics for automatic transmissions
  • Maintenance and repair of valve bodies
  • Maintenance and repair of torque converters
Отдел клапанни тела

Valve bodies

  • Diagnostics of valve bodies
  • Glycol test
  • Vacuum test to determine the degree of wear on valve bodies
  • Tests with state-of-the-art testing benches, that simulate real working conditions
  • Repair of valve bodies with specialized equipment
Torque converters

Torque converters

  • Diagnosis
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Torque converter testing
Онлайн услуги

Online Service

  • Remote programming and encoding of automatic transmission control modules (service is available for Mercedes models)
  • Sale of remote encoding devices developed by Softelectronic
  • The service is intended for workshops, with non-coded TCM modules
  • Irrespective of the location of the workshop
  • Only a stable internet connection is required

Security systems

  • Security systems and video surveillance
  • Fire Alarm
  • Structured cabling
  • Signaling security systems
  • Sound systems
  • Access control
  • Signal and safety equipment
  • GPS systems
  • Fleet management - GPS Tracker
  • Competent consultations, professional installation and reliable technology