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Battery repair for a hybrid car - Peugeot 508

Services for Diagnostic and Repair of Hybrids

  • Computer diagnostics of a hybrid
  • Diagnostics, cleaning, and repair of high-voltage hybrid battery (battery recycling for hybrid, cell replacement, BMS repair)
  • Diagnostics and repair of Inverter / Converter for hybrids (the process can be combined with the recycling of the hybrid battery)
  • Diagnostics of motor-generators for hybrid vehicles
  • Diagnostics and repair of the electrical installation of a hybrid
  • Preventive maintenance and repair of a hybrid's cooling system
  • Repair of other electronics for hybrid vehicles - dashboard, display, intelligent locking system, lighting and signaling system management, and others
Repair of hybrid cars by Softelectronic. Hybridin battery recycling.

Softelectronic's Hybrid Service

electronic modules of hybrid vehicles for models such as Toyota Auris/Prius, Mercedes W205/W212/W222 W221 BMW X5 F15 and others. The Softelectronic team has extensive experience in the diagnosis, prevention, and repair of automotive electronics for vehicles. The technicians are practically trained and certified by Bosch to work with high-voltage systems on alternatively powered vehicles. The Softelectronic service for hybrid and electric vehicles is equipped with both the latest generation diagnostic equipment and tools created by the company for inspection and repair of the specific high-voltage systems of hybrids and electric vehicles.

Inverter for hybrid battery - Toyota Auris/Prius

Initial Information from the Customer

or determining the fault that has occurred in one of the electrical modules or circuits of the hybrid and preventing its recurrence, the information provided by the driver of the hybrid vehicle is important. Before proceeding to diagnostics, it is necessary to understand the symptoms, road conditions, atmospheric conditions, and the indications to the driver from the vehicle's notification system.


Computer diagnostics of a hybrid

Computer Diagnostics of a Hybrid Vehicle

Softelectronic is equipped with diagnostic apparatus and car testers for hybrid vehicles, which are part of the modern fleet in Bulgaria. Through computer diagnostics, an initial idea about the condition of individual modules of the high-voltage battery, inverter/converter, individual sensors, cooling system of the high-voltage battery, and others is obtained. Auto diagnostics is an important part of performing subsequent repair of the hybrid vehicle after a problem is detected. Information from computer diagnostics can help prevent the recurrence of the same fault in the repaired module. Examples are error codes for a hybrid vehicle Mercedes W221 with a problem with the inverter/converter (SG-EM) - P0A6300, P0A6000, P0A5D00

Hybrid battery recycling

Diagnostics and Repair of High-Voltage Battery for Hybrid Vehicle

  • Diagnostics of individual cells, grouped modules, and blocks in the battery
  • Balancing (reconditioning) of the battery
  • Replacement of damaged cells in the hybrid's battery
  • Diagnostics and repair of sensors in the battery
  • Diagnostics and repair of BMS - Battery Management System / intelligent battery management block
  • Diagnostics and prevention of the cooling system in the high-voltage battery
  • Cleaning of corrosion in the hybrid battery

⚡️⚡️⚡️ The strong currents and high voltage in the high-voltage systems of hybrids and electric vehicles can be life-threatening. For this reason, it is imperative to be serviced by technicians who have the necessary practical training, license, and equipment to work with high-voltage systems.

      Battery repair for a hybrid car

Hybrid Battery Diagnostics

The process involves specialized equipment created in the Softelectronic laboratory for testing and determining the condition of each individual cell for all models of high-voltage hybrid batteries. Through a series of full charge and discharge cycles, the "healthy" and damaged cells are determined, as well as the overall condition of the packs in the battery. A specialized thermal camera is also used in diagnostics to monitor the proper operation of individual cells and packs and the condition of the electrical connections between the components in the battery. The operation of sensors for temperature, voltage, and resistance is also checked.

Balancing, reconditioning of hybrid battery cells

Balancing (Reconditioning)

The process is applicable to healthy cells in the battery packs. After a series of full discharge and charging cycles, the voltages in the individual cells are equalized. The need for balancing (reconditioning) of healthy cells may be due to the appearance of reversible crystallization in the substances forming the cell of the hybrid battery as a result of normal operation. This process can lead to a reduction in the voltage of the cell and, accordingly, to an overall reduction in the voltage in the pack and battery. During what is called deep discharge and full charging, decrystallization is performed, thus restoring the optimal operating voltage of the cell. After balancing, the capacity of the battery can be increased compared to the state before the process.

      Cell replacement and battery recycling for a hybrid

Replacement of Defective Cells in the Hybrid's Battery

After identifying irreversibly damaged cells in the hybrid's battery, the cause of their damage is sought if it is not related to the normal operation of the hybrid system. The possible cause may lie in disrupted cooling of the battery, damaged electronic modules, poor contact connections, and others. Softelectronic can supply new high-quality cells for a wide range of hybrid vehicles such as Toyota Auris/Prius, Mercedes W205 W212/W221/W222, BMW X5 F15. After replacing the necessary cells of the battery, a balance is performed again, in which the operation of all cells and packs is checked.

Hybrid Battery BMS Repair - BMW ActiveHybrid 3

Diagnostics and Repair of BMS - Battery Management System / Intelligent Battery Management Block

The battery management block collects information about the voltage of the cells and blocks, their temperature, and their internal resistance. After analyzing the data, it manages the proper cooling, charging, and discharging of the hybrid battery during the operation of the hybrid vehicle. Softelectronic is one of the few companies in the world that can repair BMS for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Corrosion cleaning of battery for hybrid-Mercedes

Cleaning of Corrosion in the Hybrid Battery

Corrosion on the terminals, bus bars, and fastening elements (nuts and others) of the electrical connections in the battery can lead to improper operation of the battery and a reduction in its capacity. The reason could be the de-hermetization of the battery, leakage of the cooling agent, substances released from the battery cells (for example, electrolytes), flooding, dampness, and others. The corroded elements are dismantled, and the cleaning may include mechanical processes and treatment with specialized chemicals depending on the degree of corrosion.

Hybrid car inverter recycling - BMW

Diagnostics and Repair of Inverter / Converter for Hybrids

The Inverter / Converter module has a dual purpose. In battery charging mode, it converts the alternating current from the motor-generator to direct current to the battery. In motor-generator drive mode, it converts the direct current from the battery to it while increasing the voltage. Softelectronic is one of the few companies in the world that can repair a damaged inverter/converter, thus avoiding the purchase of a costly new one.

Electrical installation of a hybrid car - Mercedes BMS

Diagnostics and Repair of Electrical Installation of the Hybrid Vehicle

Experienced service technicians at the Softelectronic service can identify the cause of a fault in the electrical circuit or a given module in the hybrid and remove it before it has caused a costly repeat repair.

Hybrid battery cooling system

Prevention and Repair of the Hybrid's Cooling System

For the modules of the electrical drive system of the hybrid to be effective, it is necessary to maintain a working temperature within a certain range. This requires a more complex system for optimal thermal management. Timely prevention of the cooling system can prevent damage to some of the key components such as the motor-generator, inverter, or battery. Softelectronic can perform repairs on the electronics of modules from the hybrid's cooling system, such as the electric compressor.

      Display, navigation, lock for hybrid - Mercedes W222

Repair of Other Electronic Modules

Softelectronic performs diagnostics and repair of a wide range of electronic modules for hybrids, such as electronic controls, locking systems, lighting systems , displays, multimedia, navigation, and others.