We thank you for using our products and services. Services are provided by "Softelectronic 1" Ltd, administrative address: ul. "Georgi Zhivkov" 38, Varna, Bulgaria. The website is managed by "Softelectronic 1" Ltd. "Softelectronic 1" Ltd. is also referred to with the abbreviation "Softelectronic" in the general terms and conditions.

By using our services, you agree to the terms. Please read them carefully.


  1. Subject of the general terms and conditions

    The subject of this document are  the general terms and conditions, which are applied, when using the Softelectronic website and define the rules related to the use of the website, including contracts for the repair of automotive electronics, the sale of spare parts and the delivery of products we have restored.

  2. Definitions

    Website - and all its subdomains;
    Customer - any natural or legal person or other entity that uses the Softelectronic website, makes orders through it and uses the services of "Softelectronic 1" Ltd;
    Goods and services – any item in a purchase or sale contract or performance of services;
    Device / Module - any mechanical device or electronic module sent in for repair;

  3. General terms

    The general terms and conditions of Softelectronic are binding for all users of the website.
    By using this website, you declare yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the site and agree to comply unconditionally.
    By updating the general terms and conditions by Softelectronic, they can be changed at any given time.
    In this sense, customers are obliged to receive a reference every time they use the website, if any changes to the terms and conditions may have occured.
    The website may contain links / hyperlinks to other sites.
    Softelectronic is not liable for the privacy policies and content of other websites, which Softelectronic does not administrate.

  4. Diagnostics, removal and installation of the device / module

    Diagnosis and description of the problem of the faulty device / module are mandatory and are the responsibility of the customer.
    Softelectronic assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the device, including removal and installation (from workshops not belonging to Softelectronic) from or into the vehicle, and any costs incurred as a result of the actions listed. Softelectronic assumes no responsibility if the cause (s) of damage / damage has not been eliminated in the device.

  5. Packing and shipping the device / module for repair

    Customers always pay the real transport costs in both directions - from the customer to Softelectronic and vice versa.
    The shipping costs are calculated according to the volume / weight of the consignment and the country of the sender.
    Softelectronic provides each customer with instructions for packing and shipping the device to be repaired.
    Softelectronic is under no circumstances liable in the event that the device sent in for repair is lost or damaged during transport. Please pack it safely and according to our instructions.

  6. Complaints

    Upon receipt of goods and / or services, the customer is obliged to inspect the goods or services for defects and guarantees that the delivered goods meet the objectives for which they are to be used, as well as the services for the purpose of the respective order / of the contract.
    In the event that the customer installs the goods (the device / module) without prior inspection, the responsibility for any consequences lies with the customer.
    Visible defects must be reported to Softelectronic in writing within one working day from the date of receipt of the goods. If the device, which has been sent in for repair should be defective, but after being checked by Softelectronic, it should be considered as functioning, then the customer assumes all transport costs.

  7. Warranty

    Softelectronic guarantees the functionality of the goods supplied by Softelectronic as long as they are used correctly by the customer. In the event of a defect in the unit within the warranty period and Softelectronic has been informed of this in the warranty period described in paragraph "Complaints", then Softelectronic has to eliminate the defect free of charge.
    If Softelectronic determines that repair or replacement is no longer possible, Softelectronic shall be entitled to credit the price received for the goods and / or services without being responsible for any additional damage.
    Normal use means the use of the goods for the purposes for which they are intended, including in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions accompanying the goods and given by Softelectronic in writing during the assembly process.
    The cost of components that have been found to be defective and replaced during the warranty period is included in the warranty, except for components, which are subject to normal wear and tear.
    Damage caused by normal wear and tear, soiling, improper use, negligence, carelessness, misuse or intentional misconduct are excluded from the warranty.
    Damage caused by external influences, such as work performed by third parties, improper use, changes in settings, power supply, earthquake, fire, lightning, flood damage, violence, additional software and connections or interactions with other than those specified by Softelectronic devices are also excluded from the warranty.
    The products may be returned by the customer to Softelectronic only under the condition that Softelectronic has agreed in writing and has issued written instructions.
    The warranty is personal and may only be transferred by the customer to third parties with the prior written consent of Softelectronic.
    The parties may agree in writing deviating warranty conditions for certain goods.

  8. The right of intellectual and industrial property

    The content, but not limited to, logos, graphics or captions, commercial symbols, texts and / or multimedia contents of the website are the exclusive property of Softelectronic.
    All intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, model and trademark rights in respect of goods and services supplied by Softelectronic (including, but not limited to software developed by Softelectronic, drawings, calculations, technical specifications, Know-How and Consultations) remain with Softelectronic and will not be transferred to the customer if and insofar as the parties have not expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

  9. Liability

    Softelectronic shall not be liable for damages incurred by the customer or third parties due to force majeure or those beyond the control of Softelectronic.
    Any liability of Softelectronic is limited to the warranty obligation set out in the "Guarantee" section, unless it has been caused by intent or gross negligence on its part.
    Softelectronic shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages resulting from late delivery, damage to other customer's or third party's goods, for damages, which are caused by the customer’s misuse of services or goods, loss of revenue, loss of profit, loss of intent or loss caused by equipment failure, for any damage caused by inaccurate and / or incomplete customer information.
    In all other cases, the liability of Softelectronic is limited to the invoice value of the ordered and paid good or service.
    Neither party shall be liable for the failure to fulfill its contractual obligations if such is due to force majeure. Force majeure is an unpredictable event beyond the control of the parties, which can not be avoided.

Last updated on 25.10.2018