The warranty period for the device / module is stated on the warranty card and begins with the date of sale / repair.

If a defect occurs during the warranty period, please contact us using the telephone number provided on the original warranty card. The faulty device / module should be sent directly to the service center of "Softelectronic 1" Ltd.

Conditions for the warranty may vary and are determined by the business policy of "Softelectronic 1" Ltd. For additional information, please contact the office of "Softelectronic 1" Ltd.


Procedure for providing warranty services

  1. Receipt of the defective device in service center
    Defective devices / modules must be sent to the service center of "Softelectronic 1" Ltd. by courier or delivered in person. With the device / module must be sent a description of the problem.


  2. Determination of the defect
    After receiving the device / module in the service center, service specialists determine the defect and will carry out the necessary measures to eliminate the error.


  3. Implementation of the warranty
    Measures to fulfill the warranty may be:

    - Repair of the product; 
    - Partial or complete replacement;
    - Refund of the product value, if no other solution is possible

    For all accounts listed above, the period for fulfilling the warranty amounts to one calendar month

  4. Return of the device / module to the customer

    Depending on the customer's request, the repaired device / module will be returned by courier to the address specified in the application or handed over personally to the customer at the office of "Softelectronic 1" Ltd. The delivery time for Bulgaria is 48 hours. There is a possibility that in some places a delivery schedule predefined by the courier has been established. In these cases, delivery may take more than 48 hours.
    The delivery time for international deliveries depends on the country of origin of the customer.

    The warranty period is extended by the time the device remains in the workshop. This begins with the receipt of the device in the service center until the defect has been eliminated and the functionality of the product has been restored and ends with the product being returned to the customer or his notification that he can receive his device in the appropriate service center.

    Any kind of hardware and software manipulation of the original manufacturer's software and hardware will not be considered a warranty claim (adjustments, tuning and modification).

    Last updated on 25.10.2018