Ремонт на турбокомпресори

Repair of turbochargers

The defective turbocharger is disassembled and the reason for the breakdown is established. Then we will contact you, in order to inform you about the condition of your turbocharger and the needed repair and costs. After your approval, we will begin to repair the turbocharger.

Ремонт на турбокомпресори

The repair proceeds as follows: the healthy parts are being cleaned and washed of the soot, the damaged parts are being replaced with new ones. All components are being assembled and the turbo CHRA (center housing rotating assembly) will be balanced at revolutions equal to an actual operating turbocharger. The components then will be assembled to the other cleaned parts. The variable geometry and the actuator will be adjusted to factory values ​​using the FLOW BENCH machine.

Ремонт на турбокомпресори

The turbocharger must be precisely balanced. We have a balancing machine for precise and accurate high-speed balancing of the turbocharger core as well as a balancing machine that can perform a maximum precision balancing of rotors weighing up to 5 kg. (mainly used for heavy goods vehicles).

We issue a warranty card for the service we performed and a report on the reasons that led to the turbocharger failure.

Рециклиране на турбокомпресори

Recycling of turbochargers

A recycled by us turbocharger is the analogue of the original. The recycling represents the replacement of all parts: new turbo CHRA cartridge, new geometry, that is mounted in the already clean housings (cold and warm part). The variable geometry and actuator are being adjusted, whether electronic or mechanical. We issue a warranty card for the service we provide.