Automatic transmissions


Softelectronic has a specialized department for automatic transmissions with dedicated and highly qualified technicians, expertise and many years of experience in the repair of automatic transmissions. The car workshop is fitted with the most modern equipment and tools, which guarantee the efficiency of our service. We offer diagnostics and repair of automatic transmissions for the following makes: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen.

Камиони и автобуси

Torque converter


Softelectronic offers repair and complete overhaul of torque converters for automatic transmissions for the following models and makes: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and others. While repairing or reconditioning, old or damaged parts are replaced with new original ones. We offer a guarantee for the service we provide.

Клапанно тяло

Valve bodies


We are working with the most advanced test standarts S+VBT Fluidlogic and Hydra-Test for testing hydraulic valve bodies. These units allow users running a series of tests checking performance of a malfunctioning valve body at various gears and pressure inputs. If put simply, they emulate transmission performance of a driven vehicle, under realistic conditions. In this way, the problems can be defined very precisely, such as degree of wear and the type of repair, which hase to be performed. By replacing damaged parts and a subsequent computer calibration the valve body will be reset to factory settings.

We are able to test and repair valve bodies of the makes: MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI, VW and others.