Land Rover ZF 6HP TCU

Land Rover ZF 6HP TCU

TCM / TCU – Transmission Control Module


Typical Problems

  • gear shifting problems

  • clashing or clunking, when shifting gears

  • no communication (this is usually the case, when updating the software)


  • Programming

  • Cloning

  • Reset

  • Repair of the sensors


NEW: We offer the reset of the following models оf 6HP chips/ boards: 1267017177, 1267017172, 1267017171, 1267017164, 1267017169, 6058007003, 6058007008, 6058007051, 6058007053, 6058007070, 6058007115, 6058007119

After the reset, the 6HP chip/ board will be recognised as brand new, ready to be programmed, according to the vehicle. Programming according to the type of vehicle will be done ONCE. After that, the 6HP chip/ board will be locked to the vehicle.

If you wish to change the 6HP chip/ board to another vehicle, we will reset it again.

Part number and information

Bosch part number: 0260550014, 0260550016, 0260550013, 0260550024, 0260550026, 0260550008, 0260550010
Continental part number: 5WK75000AA

Warranty 6 Months

Six Months Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Warranty covers Shipping Costs.

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