VW Turbocharger Actuator

VW Turbocharger Actuator

Electronic turbocharger actuator


Typical Problems

A faulty actuater can cause the following problems:

  • reduced pressure of the turbine, causing under boost 

  • pressure rising, causing over boost

  • getting stuck, due to stucked variable vanes in the turbo



Repair of the defective module

Part number and information

Electronic Turbocharger Actuator

Hella part number: 6NW 008 091, 6NW 008 412, 6NW 009 206, 6NW 009 228, 6NW 009 420, 6NW 009 483, 6NW 009 543, 6NW 009 550, 6NW 009 660, 6NW 010 099-01, 6NW 010 099-02, 6NW 010 430-01, 6NW 010 430-03

If the variable geometry is difficult to move even after recycling your electronic turbo actuator: it will still cause problems and therefore, we offer free diagnostics of your turbocharger



Warranty 6 Months

Six Months Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Warranty covers Shipping Costs.

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